The old man speaks! Now that I’m nearing 40 (not quite but way closer than the others) I realise there are a lot of songs that remind me of those golden years. I think it’s true we all look back with rose tinted glasses at the past, maybe the younger you are the less complications you see?

I was considering the songs that became a soundtrack to where I was at that time. Bearing in mind I wasn’t even that into music until I was around 15.

I thought I’d offer my ‘Top 10’ songs that make me feel like a teenager.

Nothing – A

Love this song. Their other songs not so much but the pounding, the riff, the shouting, the weird keyboard bits (I even got an email from their management when I enquired how keyboards work in a heavy rock band).

The music video is pretty good too.

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Rock My World -Michael Jackson

He came back! After a few years Michael Jackson returned with a very good album. No… shut up it IS a good album. It’s massive, so many songs and essentially the first three are pretty much the same… but Rock My World was fun, energetic and just… brilliant.

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My Glorious -Delirious?

This was an eye-opener for a young guy who thought all Christian worship music was done on the piano. It was rough, it was real, it was loud and brash. Never really played it in church (in fact I’m sure churches are still not ready for it).

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Just a Day – Feeder

Could’ve gone with Just the Way I’m Feeling too – you remember the video? In sixth form, we seemed to recreate the music video in the common room. We didn’t film it, but we often paused the song (like in the video) and took a drink then carried on with the rocking. This song was a lot of fun and is still pretty decent now.

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A Little Respect – Wheatus

Ashamedly this is how I first heard of the song. I’ll also admit I prefer this version too. My pre-understanding days of watching a bloke with an acoustic make the sound of an electric still haunts me… Fun stuff.

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Pink – Aerosmith

I know this song is a little naughty but it is so fun. I can’t sing like Steven, so you won’t be hearing a cover anytime soon. This song feels like one of those you’d belt at karaoke. Actually yeah, get me down the karaoke and I’ll do this one.

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You Know You’re Right – Nirvana

The last song they recorded before Kurt killed himself. I’m not a massive Nirvana fan, obviously Nevermind is a masterpiece but it was nearing the end of my Sixth Form days when this was officially released for the first time. There’s something struggling and dark about it – I find it compelling and the arrangement is amazing.

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Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

This was the version of the Foo Fighters I fell in love with. It wasn’t as heavy as they were or where they returned, but it was this playful straightforward rock that grabs me every time. Applause for Mr Grohl and friends please.

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Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out of – U2

Possibly the ultimate memory of my Sixth Form days, a beautiful tune with a very sad back story involving the suicide of Michael Hutchence of INXS. My own story involving this song and U2 in general is coming soon!.

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Losing My Religion

Some might say this is a weird choice for me. Although it’s something that has never happened to me and I can say with a certain degree of confidence it won’t, the R.E.M. classic struck a chord with me because of its maturity and composition. It’s raw and honest which is sort of reflective of the instrumental choice for the song. The style I’d like to bring to Alpha Tide one day.

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So there we go: a few tunes for you to enjoy.

What songs hold a special place in your heart?