Tom’s 2018 Discoveries

Finding new music that I connect with is not only beyond satisfying but sadly also rare.

Like most of us I tend to go back to the same bands and songs because they remind of a certain time, feeling or inspire me in my own song writing and even give comfort like a favourite teddy.

My favourite bands and songs have really pushed me musically and with the amount of ‘content’ there is out there it can be hard to find something new. I am very happy when one of my faves brings out new music because I can usually find something amazing (even if it is rubbish).

I want to introduce you to three artists/bands I have discovered this year that not only felt like a breath of fresh air but have made me consider music differently in different ways.

Here are Tom’s 2018 discoveries.

The Spine-Tingling Tom Speight

Image (c) Tom Speight, used without permission.Tom's 2018 Discoveries
Tom Speight

This gentleman not only has an excellent name (mine’s better) but an excellent ear for a chilled and relaxed vibe.

More on the Acoustic side of things, Speight is usually accompanied by Lydia Clowes who provides BVs, bass and keyboardy things – it really did feel like quality when listening to his EP collection which I bought on vinyl (personally signed too!)

Mark and I saw Feeder last March and Tom supported them. What a great way to find great new music by going to see a favourite.

Song Recommendations: Waiting, Willow Tree & Little Love

Tom Speight’s Website

The Exciting The Excerts

Image (c) The Xcerts, used without permission.Tom's 2018 Discoveries
The Xcerts

What a great energetic three piece! Once again Mark and I went to see another one of our favourites: the Goo Goo Dolls and found these lads supporting them.

They’re only young but they’ve been around for a while and it was the energy that really grabbed me. Easily their latest release ‘album name’ is what really grabbed me. A bit pop-punk like but with a positive message and such power in their performance. I still need to further my exploration of them but really loved it!

Song recommendations: Feels like Falling in Love, the Dark & Daydream

The Xcerts’ Website

The Sensational Steam Powered Giraffe

Image (c) Steam Powered Giraffe, used without permission.Tom's 2018 Discoveries
Steam Powered Giraffe

My personal favourite discovery this year is a bit niche: three people dressed as steampunk robots singing songs about their robotic lives (they were built to attack elephants on the back of a giant robotic giraffe).

Anyway… it’s a great act: they’ve been going for a while and it’s just stunning. Their performances are hilarious, the songs are fun and FAR TOO CATCHY – around 5 albums in they’re just too good to be the size they are (they should be huge).

This band made me see music so differently – they reminded me that music can be fun. They vary their style a LOT but it’s the harmonies that really grabbed me – something we’ll be hopefully injecting into Alpha Tide in the future. In fact, I am SO much about this band that I think everyone around me has heard about them!

Song recommendations: (Me and My Baby)Saturday Night, Brass Goggles & Honeybee

Steam Powered Giraffe’s Website

These bands have impacted me this year – usually I don’t pay much attention to more recent bands: although these three have been grafting away for a while and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.

What bands have you discovered and what kind of an impact have they had on you?

Send us a message on the socials – let us know then we can find new bands!!

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