Tom’s 2019 Picks (So Far)

Here’s Tom’s 2019 Picks so far and this 2019 has been very busy for Alpha Tide so far (with even more busy-ness to come).

As you all know we released our debut album at the beginning of December and the lovely Emily joined us to make up a five piece.

What’s key as we continue is to stay inspired and as a musician, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of discovering a new artist, band or album

(Or if you’re anything like me then ‘getting’ an older band after about 20 years of thinking they’re rubbish).

There’s been a few discoveries this year already that I want to share with you; maybe you could get something out of these too.

Pale Waves

Pale Waves, Tom
Pale Waves

Now here’s a weird one to start with.

Here’s a band where all their songs sound the same… (sorry Pale Waves) but you know what… I quite like it.

They’re described as ‘Goth Pop’ which I think comes from lazy labelling of their music because the young lady who is their lead singer has a goth ‘look.’

There’s something fun about the block synthy sound mixed with grunty guitars that really connects when I’m driving!

OK, I’m not thrilled about the expletives but they’ve got quite a following.

Songs to watch out for: Drive, Eighteen, Television Romance

Larkin Poe

larkin poe, toms 2019 picks so far
Larkin Poe

Atlantan duo Larking Poe started off with their career as the Lovell Sisters but with their elder sister Jessica leaving the group they formed this ‘the Poe’.

The name comes from the combination of their grandparents surnames (Poe being connected to the classic author!)

Obviously from the get go I instantly fell in love with them 😏. The more I listened to them I discovered something really quite interesting.

I’m not a huge country or blues fan but having a permanent slide guitar player really made me pay attention.

From what I’ve noticed there’s a different sound between their early EPs and their current sound going from acoustic-country to more electric blues. Worth repeat listens.

Songs to watch out for: Long Hard Fall, Sugar High, Banks of Allatoona


weezer, toms 2019 picks so far

Bit behind aren’t I? Obviously I’ve been aware of Weezer since their beginning back in the early 90s. Their singles being staples of the 90s/00s playlists. What really grabbed my attention recently was ‘Africa’.

You’re probably aware that a persistent fan on Twitter petitioned for the band to cover it which led to the ‘Teal’ album of covers to be released.


After a month of listening to ‘Teal’, the fabulous ‘Black’ album appears and that became a game changer.

The amount of time I’ve spent listening to that album has been quite considerable: a band that after 25 years can produce something that enjoyable is always quite spectacular!

Songs to watch out for: (There are SO many) High as a Kite, Crab, Perfect Situation

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