Merchandise and More

Our merchandise section is up and running, we’re working behind the scenes to get more done for you too. Our CDs and T-Shirts have been available since our launch gig back in December 2018. Obviously we love to highlight that these come bundled (if so desired) to create a more economical deal. Very recently we […]

14 Days

It’s really quite an exciting time for Alpha Tide as we prepare to launch our debut album ‘Time & Tide’ upon the world on 7th December and as you know we’ve several different shows to promote our album across our hometowns. Check out our events section as we begin to play acoustic shows, semi-acoustic shows, […]

New single, Album Coming!!

YESTERDAY saw us release our second single ‘Edge of Time’ with two new B-sides ‘Shiny Shoes’ and ‘Oh Jennifer’ so go and stream or buy or whatever it is you do to listen to music. And just a heads up – our album ‘Tide & Time’ which features both ‘Boy & a Girl’ and ‘Edge […]