Am I Delirious?

Music hasn’t always been as important to me as it is now.

My first CD purchase was in fact the soundtrack to the Phantom Menace (I love me the Star Wars). I wanted to be an actor until the later end of sixth form.

School was weird for me as I wanted to be a loner (cue the tiny violins) and as I get older I value more and more people’s friendship.

As a Christian, it wasn’t always a comfortable situation at school and fortunately I wasn’t bullied too much. I was however, the only person I knew in school who was a Christian and I wasn’t backward in being forward about it.

A trainee teacher (who has subsequently become a friend) noticed my I had faith and asked me if I’ve ever heard of a band called Delirious? (yes with a question mark). He lent me a few of their albums. I was hooked.

Cutting Edge

Delirious? was a band from a town called Littlehampton. When they were in America they’d say London because trying to explain a little town in Britain was hard apparently.

It started when a few guys got together to lead worship at an event called Cutting Edge. They became known as the Cutting Edge band. After writing many songs to be sung at these events and after a few years the lads decided to try it full time.

The main songwriters were singer Martin Smith and guitarist Stu Garrard who had contributed songs to the church for years. I can’t tell you how much I listened to Delirious? in the early 2000s it was unreal.

Early Inspiration

Their songs are catchy, singable and fun – their highest charting single was a couple of years after they called it quits when they reached number 4 over the Easter weekend of 2010!

Their albums became a sort of Bible (pun intended) for my songwriting, the melodies were inspiring and they were a strong influence on my initial compositions.

For me, hearing the album GLO for the first time was huge and that summer when I really got into them (2001) they released the unexpected ‘Audio Lessonover.’

I have listened to ‘World Service‘ SO MANY TIMES and highly recommend it. The fusion of ideas and melody led by guitars and with sensitive synth is really the perfect balance.

It was 2003’s ‘World Service’ that has stuck around more than the others though. For me this is their best album: two stunning songs in particular which stayed around until they called it quits – ‘Rain Down’ & ‘Majesty’ are two of the best Christian songs I’ve ever heard.

Where are They Now?

The five original members of Delirious? are either still musicianing hard, in graphics design or running huge events. They have been a massive influence on music in the church for around 20 years, which is an amazing legacy.

These guys were my role models, both in how to see a successful band operate and not compromise their faith but also in both songs that would be for Alpha Tide and songs I write for the church.

What artists inspire you? Drop us a message – we always love to chat 😀


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