Last weekend was a bit of racing freight train! Sunday ended up having two gigs on the same day (and with Tom, Mattie and Joel all having worship-music duties in their churches too… it was quite a melodic day!)

The afternoon was filled with laughter, fun, music and occasionally too much drink (but obviously not from Alpha Tide) at the New Quay Inn, Teignmouth where we joined our friends the Johnson Blues Explosion and Cydney Brown alongside the Rockafella 4 and the Piers to bring Whizzstock to life, raising money for the wonderful Whizz-Kidz charity. Over £400 was raised and will go to helping those with mobility issues to get moving.

Back at John Gandy’s for the Battle of the Bands, where we came third from the top (out of three… but we definitely weren’t last) playing opposite Quorum and eventual winners Lazy Snacks who won a day in a recording studio to put together their EP.

Lovely day all round where we all just fell asleep in the end!