No you don’t disgust us but as Little Bluebird is vastly approaching it’s release on November 16th, we’d thought we’d give a little taster in the form of a lyric video. If you’ve been following Alpha Tide for a while you’re probably familiar with Little Bluebird anyway.

We’re getting a bit swish with our lyric videos (well Tom thinks he’s a genius… don’t correct him because he’s in his ‘happy place’ and it’s not worth bringing him our of it). More will be on the way!

This is our third lyric video behind ‘Boy & a Girl‘ and ‘Edge of Time‘ so sit back, turn up the volumes and read along to the lyrics (the only thing we didn’t get was the bouncing ball).

Little Bluebird will be coupled with B-Sides ‘Emperor’s New Clothes‘ & ‘Sawdust‘.