Our merchandise section is up and running, we’re working behind the scenes to get more done for you too.

Our CDs and T-Shirts have been available since our launch gig back in December 2018. Obviously we love to highlight that these come bundled (if so desired) to create a more economical deal.

Very recently we are excited to say that it’s not just at our live gigs that you can get our gear. We are currently in talks with several independent local stores (’round our way) so you can just pop in to one of them and get your CD or T-Shirt (the bundles will be a live-only deal).

If you can’t wait for our next gig, then head on down to SPS Records in Teignmouth and buy a T or a CD.

We’ll let you know when more shops have stock of our stuff!

For now check out our shiny new Merch Section.

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