We’ve done it again! Our third year in a row at the glorious Jollystock Festival at the Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot, last Sunday 27th August 2017.

You know we love it there and we don’t go down often enough! Glenn was hosting wonderfully, the food was incredible and the music was constant (which is ONLY a good thing).

And of course we played Iris, albeit with a slight plectrum mishap in the solo, because if we don’t play Iris at the Jolly Farmer… we don’t know if it’s even worth living!

… joke… hope it’s a joke…

Hopefully we’ll have a photo or two appearing on one of the social medias. If you were there chuck us a message to tell us how we played, well or not so well…

<Satisfied sigh>

So then there’s next years Jollystock!


Also… Check out our profile on the Jollystock site! Ain’t we pretty?