We had an absolutely great time at Picnic in the Park with the Bovey Tracey Carnival.

OK… so the rain came down HARD, we were soaked and half way through introducing a BRAND NEW SONG (never performed before) the generator gave out!

We called everyone to the stage and we all had a nice sing song with as many covers as we could remember (desperately tried to stay away from Wonderwall but it happened anyway…)

Fortunately a back up generator arrived and we were able to play the last two songs of our set before the wonderful headlining ‘Sea Monkeys’ took to the stage and rocked the evening away!

Thanks for having us Bovey Carnival Comittee AND thanks to the sound engineers who had to battle equipment failure AND the wrath of the rain.

P.S. also… we’re headlining Picnic in the Park next year!

Bovey Carnival Facebook

Sebastian Smith Photography (official photography for the day)

Showbitz (awesome sound guys who kept us heard)