It’s really quite an exciting time for Alpha Tide as we prepare to launch our debut album ‘Time & Tide’ upon the world on 7th December and as you know we’ve several different shows to promote our album across our hometowns.

Check out our events section as we begin to play acoustic shows, semi-acoustic shows, full electric shows, support shows and even playing a launch show at the Jolly Farmer in Newton Abbot. We’d absolutely love to see you there and it’s where you can buy not only a real CD physical copy of the album (those of you under 14 ask your parents what a CD is) but we’ll have on sale our brand new T-shirts.

Because we’re a conscientious band, we know that your hand-earned cash is… well hard-earned and so we want to make it easier on you if you want to support the band but can’t afford the standard price.

Here it is: it’ll be £5 for a CD copy of ‘Time & Tide’.

ONLY £5! 

That’s even the brand new price kiddies.

We can hear you from here asking ‘so how much will your t-shirts be there, I guess they’ll be a bit pricey?’ My friends your fears of spending too much on Alpha Tide t-shirts is unfounded as we will be selling our t-shirts at the reasonable price of £8…

But STOP PRESS – let’s go one further because we’re nothing if not savvy bargain… givers… if you buy a CD and a T-shirt together we are more than happy to sell them for £10.

That’s right by little Tidies – £10 for a brand new CD and T-Shirt.

These are only available at our gigs and there’s a few opportunities so come along, listen to some new tunes and buy some merch.

Be lovely to see you all.

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