Alpha Tide in Lockdown

Sadly Alpha Tide are pretty separate at the moment with the current crisis but that doesn’t mean we’re quiet! Quarantine Covers We asked on our Instagram what covers you’d like to see Tom perform on our YouTube. Oasis’ ‘Live Forever‘ is already up with more coming over the next five Saturdays. Instagram Takeover Starting tomorrow […]


Tomorrow night Tom will be live on Instagram for a bit performing a mini-gig as inspired by Chris Martin’s and John Legend’s ‘Together at Home’ idea. Tune in from around 8pm.

Merchandise and More

Our merchandise section is up and running, we’re working behind the scenes to get more done for you too. Our CDs and T-Shirts have been available since our launch gig back in December 2018. Obviously we love to highlight that these come bundled (if so desired) to create a more economical deal. Very recently we […]

Seasons Are A-Changing

Goodbye My Friend It is with a heavy heart we announce after nearly a year Emily is leaving Alpha Tide. It’s been a GREAT year with our keyboard player, playing songs we wouldn’t normally. Looking at you Shania. Her playing really added something to the Alpha Tide sound. We will miss her as she focuses […]

Alpha Tide Live

Alpha Tide Live on t’Internet

Want to see Alpha Tide live… right now? We managed to play our show on Visual Radio Arts last week. Amazingly a week later they’ve produced an edited version that’s gorgeous and polished. Here it is: Back to News

Summer 2019

Vloggy Vlog-Vlog

We’re nearly half-way through our summer gigs (and loving every minute of it) and we’ve made the decision to Vlog. As we’ve been going around over Devon we’ve been filming some bits and pieces so you can see our trip to fields, stages and the like. Our summer Vlog series is coming soon! As you’ll […]

Tide's in

Tide’s In For Summer

We’re not even going to apologise for the pun – ‘tide’s in is a brilliant one! (Mark’s telling Tom off right now). Summer time 2019 is a busy-ish time for Alpha Tide (not like some of the bigger bands or even more proactive bands…) Summer just makes you feel great doesn’t it? The sunshine just […]


Of course you do and here’s how: we’re going to put together a lyric video for ‘Cherrypicker‘ our punkier sort of song and we’d like to include YOU. What we’d like you to do is send us a video of you miming/dancing/prancing around to Cherrypicker and we’ll put these videos together in a compilation. Get […]

The War to End… a Gig

Last weekend was a bit of racing freight train! Sunday ended up having two gigs on the same day (and with Tom, Mattie and Joel all having worship-music duties in their churches too… it was quite a melodic day!) The afternoon was filled with laughter, fun, music and occasionally too much drink (but obviously not […]