There & Back AgainDancing round the issue won’t ever ever make it go away,
That ring in your pocket isn’t faith it will lead you to dismay
It doesn’t really matter what trip you think you’re on
Or if it feels good now because you’re missing out my son,
Wisdom doesn’t come from making right decisions anyway

Oh and you’re growing all the time,
In estimations of your life you were living all the time
Mind you keep upon the road,
Set by lovers long ago; watch for the darkness seeping in

Not trusting your companions can lead to the undoing of us all,
The more you wear the ring the more you get the pride before the fall,
And wearing that thing sparingly will turn your vision east,
Where life began in darkness where love is underneath
But have an opportunity to take it and then seal it on the shelf

Run through; run through the darkness,
Until you’re helpless because you’ve already won,
Fight fire; let flames rise sky ward
Out of the dark wood; because you’ve already won

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