Oh brother where did you go? 6 years of love with nothing to show,
There’s a pile of sawdust where you cut out my heart
It sits in the corner of the cutting room floor

Too many mistakes setting on guard, there’s always two sides in a civil war,
The grass is always greener, except when it’s not
‘Too many mistakes’ is all that I’ve got

It’s like sanding down the original wood
But all you’ll find is the same old soul, what’s the point?
Wearing a paper crown like a symbol of renown
That forces a frown upon a head of gold

Loyalty fades when you find you’re in love
Holding her hand like it is enough
I’ll still be your best if that’s what you want
But it’s more likely that you’ll take a cheap shot

Varnishing a cracked old book, made from the finest wood,
What’s the point?
Wearing a paper crown, like a symbol of renown,
Using your trusty trowel does your garden grow?

Oh brother look at you now
Taller than the man you cut down
What does it mean with pride in your all?
Timber is shouted and then comes the fall

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