Searching through the desert I’ve lost my way againEdge of Time
This dune seems to have so many memories
Still slipping down embankments,
my head is held between two orbits
Then I stumble to my knees

This is my destination; where I am is where I’ve got to be
To learn to fight through my fear
The wind is blowing in the night time
and it’s hard to keep my ground
But your footprints are near

And you know this is the place I wander,
For I am the one who always wonders
All the things that are yet unseen
Their murky faces shining towards,
Remembering then and moving forwards
Their reflections left in thing they don’t need
I’m living on the edge of time, between the coldness and the fire
This world don’t hold nothing for me

And soon enough the night has passed the sun is up and shining on me now
And I can see the light again
But I’m still walking through this desert until the edge of time comes around
And there’s a brighter day ahead

And I’ve seen what has been offered; the world and it’s fake miracle cure
But my heart feels like it’s always aching,
With your hands outstretched I know I’m secure I know I’m secure

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