I went running through the city, where is she where can she be?
If I could only find my lover, if only she would wait for me
And if I see her then I’ll hold her and all I’ll ever do is love
She’s so dear and special, is love always enough?

And where she goes I’ll follow and you know she means everything to me
I’ll be all that I can be: a boy and a girl,
And when she grows I know it the Spirit flows and love comes down to me
I’ll be all that I can be: a boy and girl

There are many different alleys and down everyone a fake
But if I only trust in love it’s there where I place my faith
There are streets between us and sometimes it seems so vast
Can my heart  keep  up love? Or are we moving too fast?

For better for worse for nothing in her purse
For life and death, blessing and curse
Can I really love and make sure it’s enough?
Holding hands on a beach, I love all that stuff

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