Calm down love we didn’t mean that!

It’s the middle of the season of Alpha Tide launching our debut album and one has got to admit, it’s a little strange. Let me tell you why.

Alpha Tide has been going for a while now and through many different states with different band members coming and in making up various versions of the band. As some of you may know the current version of the band isn’t the version that recorded the album!

We’re excited about the potential of what the album can do because we’re old school we are: we believe there is a spirituality in music that can really effect people’s lives whether it’s simply to bring a sense of joy or to challenge a way of thinking and everything in between.

Getting Stripped

One thing I like to do, as the rock star that I am, is to strip back the songs to hear the acoustic version, realising I’m not the first person to do this but to take the whole thing back to basics for some can be scary. Some bands find it hard to take the songs to the core of their structure: chords and melody.

Some would say that if a song doesn’t stand up acoustically then it isn’t a good song – I don’t quite subscribe to that mentality as there are so many songs out there which are great that don’t need to be acoustic (and actually there are loads of songs that don’t need ‘sprucing up’ either).

This stripping back is something we’ve done from the early days of Alpha Tide and we’re used to going back to basics and seeing what works and what doesn’t, which is why we’ve done so many different versions of our album on our ‘mini-tour’ (it’s not really a tour but it sounds good if we call it that).

We had a great time playing in my home church in Bovey Tracey, playing semi-acoustically for a lovely crowd who tell us they enjoyed it! We’re also feeling a little weirded out that there are now several people walking around with our logo on in the form of our T-shirts…

The Acoustic Warehouse

Last Monday, I played at the Acoustic Warehouse hosted at the Newton Abbot RFC (great venue) where a group of faithful musicians meet every week to share songs and raise a little money for Rowcroft. This place is dear to us, as it was the first open mic night we went to as a band to practice playing in front of others and they were always encouraging and supportive – we highly recommend going.

Off the back of a suggestion from Mattie, I played the whole album on the piano, something I’m not used to doing at all. Fortunately, the lovely Christine Bovey was there to capture a few of the songs (videos below) – and wonderfully to finish off the evening our Mark joined me for a few covers at the end. It really was a fun-filled evening.