Before you read I’d love to say ‘I’m expert in songwriting…’ :/ There are many, many great songwriters who I admire and have tried to glean some wisdom by simply listening to their songs. I remember the very first song I wrote: it was called ‘Innocence’. I wrote it when I was 17 on a […]

That's No Moon...

That’s No Moon…

So… that’s no moon… this is a box. Not just a box, but a box on wheels. And not only that but it houses our new Peavey 16FX mixing desk. So really it’s our portable sound system box, which I could’ve just said at the beginning. We felt that when we went out to venues […]

The Beatles and Me

There might’ve been more written about the Beatles than any other band in the history of ever and rightly so because just look at what they did do! Their crazy ride to the top isn’t as straight forward as many people believe: they weren’t this huge monster from the get go and there was a […]

Music, the Universal Language

6,500…. That’s how many spoken languages currently exist across this globe. That’s why it’s ambitious and exciting for me to say that “music is a universal language”. Throughout all human cultures; music has been pervasive in expressing the identity of ancient and modern civilisations alike. There is something about music that speaks to us all, […]