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Life in Lockdown

Life in Lockdown

Best laid plans… what gets me about this whole thing is how arrogant as a species we are. “We’ll be alright” – ignoring quite apt near-prophetic warnings from George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Gates about a potential global virus. Whine over. Life in lockdown hasn’t been too bad for me. I want to […]


Spotify: Year One

What an odd thing to do a blog about. I wanted to get across a few feelings about my transition from purely ‘physical’ music to streaming. Definitely came to the party pretty late. I love music and remember the excitement when one of my favourite bands released their latest album. I realise that a few […]


2020 = New

It’s 2020! Happy new year Alpha Tide fan (and your friends). We start the year with one less band member but a new passion for… new! We’re hoping for 2020 to be a year where we knuckle down, bring something new for you and to grow our little batch of original songs. We’ve got plans, […]



Before you read I’d love to say ‘I’m expert in songwriting…’ :/ There are many, many great songwriters who I admire and have tried to glean some wisdom by simply listening to their songs. I remember the very first song I wrote: it was called ‘Innocence’. I wrote it when I was 17 on a […]


Am I Delirious?

Music hasn’t always been as important to me as it is now. My first CD purchase was in fact the soundtrack to the Phantom Menace (I love me the Star Wars). I wanted to be an actor until the later end of sixth form. School was weird for me as I wanted to be a […]