You can stream all of your favourite Alpha Tide tunes on Spotify. 

Search on the web or within the app “Alpha Tide” and you should be able to find us!

Choose from our Debut Studio Album ‘Time & Tide‘ (it’s a goodun’) or our singles & b-sides.

Make sure to follow us for any new music, we’ve even got a button! Click the button! 

Happy streaming – Alpha Tide x


Stream Alpha Tide on Spotify


Wow! I was so overwhelmed by their musical “togetherness”, their tight-knit band session was bursting with passion, energy and laughter.

Pik Rawlings

Mama Pik Music

Love this band! Thought provoking lyrics sung from the soul. Tom their lead singer reminds of Bono and Bon-Jovi all in-one. Every song on the album raises the bar on the one before.


Facebook Reviewer

This incredible band performed at our Battle of the Band back in Jan [2019], they were so great on the night we offered them a gig straight away!

John Gandy's, Exeter

Lemonrock Review

Fab group! Always enjoy seeing them live with their catchy songs and great atmosphere!


Facebook Reviewer

Alpha Tide are a high energy alt.rock band who’s music consists of brilliant originals in contrasting styles mixed with some well known rock tracks.

Robin Alexander

Drummer & Producer

I would definitely recommend listening to Alpha Tide live. They’re a lot of fun and they are a lovely bunch of guys.


Facebook Reviewer

Great live band, so much fun! Awesome own material as well as brilliant at covers. Highly recommended.


Facebook Reviewer

What an AMAZING BAND !!! Every time I’ve seen Alpha Tide they really get the party started and MAKE the evening!! Always delivering a top quality performance


Facebook Reviewer

Amazing band. I have hired Alpha Tide for several types of events and also attended other events they have been playing at. Both as a full band and acoustic sets. Highly recommended.


Events Planner at Myriad Business Services

Great band and a great bunch of guys. They always produce a tight and entertaining performance.


Lead Singer of Bitter & Twisted


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