It’s 2020! Happy new year Alpha Tide fan (and your friends). We start the year with one less band member but a new passion for… new!

We’re hoping for 2020 to be a year where we knuckle down, bring something new for you and to grow our little batch of original songs.

We’ve got plans, ideas, songs and even an album title (more on that another time).

You’ve probably heard these but here are three songs that will be on the next album. See lyrics here


For our festivals over the summer we introduced the raucous Insomnia: one of our heaviest songs to date. A great new set opener for the next stage of Alpha Tiding!


We’ve been playing chances since mid-2018; one of Mattie’s original compositions. All of us are fans of the Beatles so we gave the song a fun sixties vibe.

Ikigai (This is Love)

After learning about the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai; Tom wanted to write a song that focused on what life should be about. He also wanted to show off a different kind of Alpha Tide song.

Fun fact: the below video is our very first live performance of Ikigai.

See the Whole Visual Arts Radio Gig Here