What does music mean?

Some may say it’s a window, a way to see things, express things and understand things in a different way. Hard to believe it took lead singer Tom seventeen years of life to really ‘get’ it even after years of piano lessons.

He didn’t really start well as his first musical purchase was ‘Star Wars: Episode One Soundtrack.

Oh well, at least the rest of the band have more of a musical excitement about them. What does it mean by Alpha Tide’s tagline that the ‘first wave defines the beach?


We know waves don’t seem to be any different and they are relentless and never ending; however looking closer you’ll see every wave is unique, every wave has its own rhythm and every wave defines the beach in a different way.

The first wave comes in and changes the landscape of the day; sets the tone and that’s what Alpha Tide is all about. Something new, something fresh with a positive attitude and the joy of song. It’s not about technicality and it’s not about skill – it’s about redefining the landscape. Where’s the joy gone? Where’s the hope gone?

It’s little wonder with this philosophy that the members of Alpha Tide have all been playing in local Devon churches as part of the worship teams, leading people in uplifting songs week in, week out.

Their personal lives of hope, family and optimism comes out in the music and really… it IS more of a family, a movement of understanding.

The family is reflected in how Alpha Tide got together: Tom was a youth minister in local Devon churches for the best part of 15 years, encouraging young people to play guitar. Many years ago, Mark just so happened to be one of those kids essentially having jammed with Tom for the best part of ten years.

Mattie and Joel are cousins of another group of siblings who used to be in Tom’s youth group so familial connections are strewn throughout this group. So why not connect with us online: we’ll talk back…

Join us on our journey.