Of course you do and here’s how: we’re going to put together a lyric video for ‘Cherrypicker‘ our punkier sort of song and we’d like to include YOU. What we’d like you to do is send us a video of you miming/dancing/prancing around to Cherrypicker and we’ll put these videos together in a compilation. Get […]

The War to End… a Gig

Last weekend was a bit of racing freight train! Sunday ended up having two gigs on the same day (and with Tom, Mattie and Joel all having worship-music duties in their churches too… it was quite a melodic day!) The afternoon was filled with laughter, fun, music and occasionally too much drink (but obviously not […]

A Turn of Events

We tried to be cool but you all know how much we struggle with that… we’ve got a keyboard player. We were going to play a little and then announce but you know what? Never mind, let’s just tell you now – we want to welcome Emily to our little family. More on Emily through […]

Christmas and New Year

It’s CHRISTMAS!! 2018 has been a roller-coaster of a year for Alpha Tide as it’s big our biggest and busiest year yet. We’ve headlined stuff, we’ve gigged a bit but most importantly we released our debut album as well as handful of singles. We’ve had lovely feedback and we want to thank you so much […]

14 Days

It’s really quite an exciting time for Alpha Tide as we prepare to launch our debut album ‘Time & Tide’ upon the world on 7th December and as you know we’ve several different shows to promote our album across our hometowns. Check out our events section as we begin to play acoustic shows, semi-acoustic shows, […]

New News

So TODAY our latest single has been released! Little Bluebird should be streamed, downloaded and probably covered by someone (yes we’re that arrogant – Tom is at least). Go and enjoy the new single with two of it’s B-Sides ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ and ‘Sawdust’ – let us know what you think by going onto a […]


Update about album launch series of gigs: the recently advertised show at the Cavern in Exeter is now cancelled. We’re really sorry if you were planning on coming out to see us, but there are still five other shows for you to come and get you album and t-shirt! It might be a little further […]

Oh How You Disgust me

Oh How You Disgust Me

No you don’t disgust us but as Little Bluebird is vastly approaching it’s release on November 16th, we’d thought we’d give a little taster in the form of a lyric video. If you’ve been following Alpha Tide for a while you’re probably familiar with Little Bluebird anyway. We’re getting a bit swish with our lyric […]

A Debut Album and a “Tour”

We do like to go all out if we can; oh yes we do! Not only do we have another single out next month, a popular live favourite called ‘Little Bluebird‘ (again with two B-Sides for your consumption) which will be out on the 16th November but we’ve got our first album ‘Tide & Time‘ […]