9th December 2019

Seasons Are A-Changing

Goodbye My Friend It is with a heavy heart we announce after nearly a year Emily is leaving Alpha Tide....
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28th September 2019

Alpha Tide Live on t’Internet

Want to see Alpha Tide live... right now? We managed to play our show on Visual Radio Arts last week....
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22nd July 2019

Vloggy Vlog-Vlog

We're nearly half-way through our summer gigs (and loving every minute of it) and we've made the decision to Vlog....
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27th May 2019

Tide’s In For Summer

We're not even going to apologise for the pun - 'tide's in is a brilliant one! (Mark's telling Tom off...
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6th March 2019


Of course you do and here's how: we're going to put together a lyric video for 'Cherrypicker' our punkier sort...
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12th February 2019

The War to End… a Gig

Last weekend was a bit of racing freight train! Sunday ended up having two gigs on the same day (and...
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20th January 2019

A Turn of Events

We tried to be cool but you all know how much we struggle with that... we've got a keyboard player....
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18th December 2018

Christmas and New Year

It's CHRISTMAS!! 2018 has been a roller-coaster of a year for Alpha Tide as it's big our biggest and busiest...
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23rd November 2018

14 Days

It's really quite an exciting time for Alpha Tide as we prepare to launch our debut album 'Time & Tide'...
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16th November 2018

New News

So TODAY our latest single has been released! Little Bluebird should be streamed, downloaded and probably covered by someone (yes...
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7th November 2018


Update about album launch series of gigs: the recently advertised show at the Cavern in Exeter is now cancelled. We're...
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3rd November 2018

Oh How You Disgust Me

No you don't disgust us but as Little Bluebird is vastly approaching it's release on November 16th, we'd thought we'd...
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24th October 2018

A Debut Album and a “Tour”

We do like to go all out if we can; oh yes we do! Not only do we have another...
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13th October 2018

New single, Album Coming!!

YESTERDAY saw us release our second single 'Edge of Time' with two new B-sides 'Shiny Shoes' and 'Oh Jennifer' so...
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8th September 2018

Debut Single Release

The songs are recorded, the artwork has been finalised. It's time for the debut single! 'Boy & a Girl' will...
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14th May 2018

Bovey Tracey Carnival is A-Coming

We're stoked to be playing at Bovey Tracey Carnival with our new lineup, new covers, some tunes we haven't played...
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13th November 2017

Here’s Another One for Radio!

So somehow we've been played on the radio! I KNOW! The wonderful Riviera.FM played 'Boy & a Girl' on their...
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26th October 2017

Jingle Jam

As you may be aware, we're hosting a charity event for Chudleigh Youth Centre to raise money for the good...
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28th August 2017

Jollystock 2017

We've done it again! Our third year in a row at the glorious Jollystock Festival at the Jolly Farmer in...
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30th July 2017

Could’ve Turned out Wet… it Just Rained!

We had an absolutely great time at Picnic in the Park with the Bovey Tracey Carnival. OK... so the rain...
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